Transport to tiger rock

Approximate Transfer Rates by car:

We allocate 1 car per couple or family with 1 to 2 young children. We allocate vans for more than 3 adults with luggage. Tiger Rock has a child car seat which is available on request. Pick ups from KLIA can only be made by van because of KLIA taxi regulations. An airport taxi direct from KLIA- Lumut will cost about RM500. Tiger Rock charges the prices set by the operators. There are no hidden or extra charges. These rates are subject to change at any time by local operators.

  • Lumut- KL or KL- Lumut RM400 each way

  • Lumut- KLIA RM420 one way

  • KLIA- Lumut RM650-750 each way, by van

  • Lumut- Malacca or Malacca- Lumut RM480 each way

  • Lumut- Penang or Penang- Lumut RM300 each way

Please note that with Grab car, you may be able to arrange better rates of transfers than we can offer you through the local taxis.

Lumut is also on the local coach routes but length of journey & connections can be a issue. 

TIME Frame

Driving by car

  • 2.5-3 Hours From Penang to Lumut

  • 4.5-5 Hours From KL to Lumut


  • Lumut to Pangkor 20-30minutes

Pangkor Ferry to Tiger Rock

  • 10 minutes