Island and Jungle Living. Malaysian Hospitality. An Artists Private Retreat. 


Welcome to your jungle holiday home, Tiger Rock!

Malaysia. Pangkor Island. Island and Jungle Holiday Living.
2 house complexes. 2 saltwater pools. 8 rooms.
Nature - Family - Relaxation

"Tiger Rock is about low impact, sustainable tourism which includes participation of the local Pangkor Island community, preserving the natural environment and cultural way of life as well as ensuring mutual respect and benefits to all parties involved. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of Tiger Rock, from the way it is designed and built, to how it is managed by local Pangkor islanders."

Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson
Artist & Co-founder, with Husband, David Wilkinson.

We are so happy to share our tropical rainforest home with you. Being in the jungle throws you back into the arms of nature. It is relaxing, inspiring and makes you realise just how much we are cut off from the natural world in today's big cities and busy urban life. Food at Tiger Rock is delicious, healing and a big part of your Malaysian holiday experience with us. Our menu is based on whatever is market fresh cooked in the eclectic local Malaysian style, using the wonderful mix of cultural flavors & spices that Malaysia has welcomed onto her shores from all over the world.

 We are much more 'Robinson Crusoe', than we are a luxury resort and we realise that we are not for everyone. The natural environment & the Malaysian flora & fauna that thrives within our property is very important to us. The tropical jungle can take you out of your comfort zone so be prepared to get used to the sounds at night and getting a bit sweaty when you walk between houses. It is after all, Tropical Malaysia! 

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Tiger Rock, your jungle holiday home is spread across seven acres of jungle. We back onto hundreds of acres of forest reserve. There are a total of eight private rooms spread between several houses. There are two salt water swimming pools. The main pool is located at the Pool House, where all delicious homemade meals are served. Residents staying at Hill House have the use of their own pool under the jungle canopy. We recommend the Main House for families. It's like a giant tree house. The Studio is perfect for couples, and The Pool House Chalet for those who are less able to cope with walking too far. There is also a library pavilion for your relaxing & reading pleasure.  The tennis court is available for you anytime.