Tiger Rock Family

Mohan, our manager, and your host, came to Pangkor Island when he was 14 years old. The son of a policeman, he started work within the hotel industry on the island, specifically in food and beverage management. He worked at the Sea View Hotel and Holiday Resort, then moved to Pangkor Laut Resort(where we first met him) before joining Tiger Rock. Mohan is married to Bavanni, our very talented chef. Together they have 2 grown up sons, Mathan and Dinesh. 

Before joining Tiger Rock, Bavanni worked for 14 years as chef at Sea View Hotel and Holiday Resort. Bavanni is what can only be termed a natural cook. She 'reads' her ingredients and is gifted with the art of mixing flavours. Mohan and Bavanni choose the ingredients fresh from the market on the day. She cooks meals that combine all the flavours of Malaysia without overwhelming the individual flavour of each ingredient. 

Mohan and Bavanni live on Tiger Rock and are happy to make sure you get everything you want to make your stay with us as pleasurable as possible. Mohan is a real man about Pangkor and is happy to help arrange anything you need and Bavanni will make sure all the kids are happy with meals that they like and enjoy. Guests are a pleasure to have at Tiger Rock!

The Tiger Rock Team is our warmth and grace. Without them all David and I would be lost and you, our guests, would not come away with the full Tiger Rock experience. The people at Tiger Rock are a big part of your wonderful stay. 


Mohan is our 'King of the Jungle', Bavanni, ' Our best chef ever!'. Bavanni has also got 'green fingers' and gives her advice on what & where to put plants around the property. 

Nanthini is based at the Pool House & you will meet her as she serves up all the food at mealtimes, lays tables & brings you tea & cocktails. Mohan is currently training Nanthini to help with the management of Tiger Rock. 

Alli assists Bavanni in the kitchen and does all the housekeeping. They often work as a team moving between rooms & houses on the bike with piles of sheets in hand. 

The great thing about the Tiger Team is that they all multi task & help out in all aspects of Tiger Rock maintenance. There is a never a 'lazy' moment. When guests are not around, maintenance carries on.