Things to do

Things to do:
- Take a stroll down to the Dutch Fort and the carved rock- see why we are named Tiger Rock.

- Island tour in our 4 wheel drive. This is included in our rental rate. Visit various temples, boat building yards, satay fish factories, ikan bilis(anchovy) drying & sorting areas, white sandy beaches and villages. There are plenty of shopping opportunities.

-Tennis in the jungle! We have a tennis court. Please bring your tennis shoes.

- Bird watching- our guests have listed over 50 species at tiger Rock alone. It is a haven for bird & jungle lovers!

- Jungle trekking to the isolated Pulau Secadas( Bay Of Beauty). Approximately 25 minutes walk in the jungle to reach a white sandy beach. Or, climb 'Pangkor Peak'. No guides needed- route is well marked. Want a picnic? Mohan will pack you one for the beach. (Free of charge)

- Picnic trip to the Sembilan Islands for snorkeling & fishing. Independent boat operators. This is pretty much a whole day activity & is dependent on weather conditions. Please check on the costs on arrival at Tiger Rock. 

- Boat trip/ Sunset boat trip/Snorkeling at Pulau Tikus and Pulau Giam. This is dependent on weather & water conditions. A nice spot to feed the fish by hand. Independent boat operators. Please check costs & availability on arrival. 

- Jet ski, water ski, kayaks & banana boat riding at Pasir Bogah. Independent boat operators. Please check costs & availability on arrival. 

Mindful Note:

-Pangkor Island is located in the Straits of Melaka. This is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. It is shallow & with all the rivers flowing into it, it can be murky. The waters are not always clear. The clarity of the water does depend on the seasons so its not always great for snorkeling activities. The beaches on the island, however, are pretty & they are great for a stroll & a few hours on the beach. Mohan will make recommendations for which beach is best depending on weather or holiday season.