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Who will get the best enjoyment out of Tiger Rock? 
Friendly people, couples families & friends who want to reconnect with nature, and love a relaxed, laid back atmosphere with great service in unpretentious surroundings. Tiger Rock is a home and we expect you to get some 'down time' especially if you have been stressed out in the city. Its not a place for high heels & dressing up but you can certainly play at being stylishly tropical. We are very much a jungle hideaway. We are also great for family reunions and gatherings of friends. Think Robinson Crusoe, rustic chic & white linen. 

How do I get to Tiger Rock? 
Pangkor Island is located on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia and is reached by ferry from the small coastal town of Lumut. The ferry ride is about 30 minutes and ferries leave Lumut every half hour. Lumut is aprox. 3.5 hours drive north from KL and aprox. 2.5 hours drive south from Penang

Roads & infrastructure in Malaysia are of a high standard. We are linked to Singapore & Thailand by the North South Highway. 

Taxi, Van & Coach

The taxi service we use is based out of Lumut. They use a range of cars from the large older Mercedes, Protons, Nissans and Toyotas. Suggestion - We allocate 1 car per couple or family with 1 child. Tiger Rock has a child car seat which is available on request. These rates are subject to change by local operators. 

Taxi transfer from: 
Lumut to KL City Centre- RM310.00 one way (Travel time 3.5 hours) 
Lumut to Penang/Penang Airport/Batu Ferringgi- RM310 one way (Travel time 2.5 hours) 
Lumut to Ipoh(airport/train station)- RM200 one way (Travel time 1.5 hours) 
Lumut to Taiping- RM300 one way (Travel time 1 hour) 
Lumut to Cameron Highlands- RM400 one way (Travel time 3 hours) 
Lumut to Malacca- RM650 one way (Travel time 5 hours) 

Van transfer from KL International Airport(KLIA) to Lumut by
- Hiace Van- Cost RM750 one way(travel time 3.5hours) 
- Innova MPV- Cost RM600 one way
-Naza Ria MPV- Cost RM600 one way

We are unable to send taxis to KLIA for pick-ups. Only the vans are licensed to do so. 

Van(12 seats) transfer from : 

Lumut- KL City Centre- RM650 one way
Lumut to Penang/Penang Airport/ Batu Ferringgi- RM 650 one way
Lumut to Ipoh(airport & train station)- RM400 each way
Lumut to Taiping- RM450 one way
Lumut to Cameron Highlands- RM650 one way
Lumut to Malacca- RM1000 one way

Private Air-con coach. Full coach hire(21 seats) from: 
Lumut to Kuala Lumpur City- RM 1000 one way
Lumut to Penang- RM1000 one way
Lumut to Ipoh(airport/ train station)- RM700 one way
Lumut- Taiping- RM700 one way
Lumut- Cameron Highlands- RM1000 one way
Lumut to malacca- RM1400 one way

Public coaches & buses:

Are of a high standard, are very comfortable & very affordable. These ply between the cities; Lumut to Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Johore, Singapore. You can book tickets on line or if you are staying with us, we can book tickets for you through an agent on the island. They charge a very small fee for this.

Pre-order your taxi from the Low Cost Terminal at KLIA at: 
http://www.lcct.com.my/taxi_charge.php(taxi LCCT info) 

Directions by car: 
Driving From Kuala Lumpur to Lumut
Take North South Highway(Northen Direction) and exit at Bidor(junction after Sungkai & before Tapah) and drive to Teluk Intan. 
Once you reach Teluk Intan you will see the signboard directing you to Lumut/Pangkor. Cross the bridge on the Perak river & follow signs to Lumut via Setiawan. 
Approximately 3.5 hours from the Jalan Duta toll gate. 

Time breakdown: 
-Kuala Lumpur to Bidor 1.5 hours
-Bidor to Teluk Intan 1.0hour
-Teluk Intan to Lumut 1.0 hour

Penang to Lumut
-Going from Penang, exit Changkat Jering Toll (Between Taiping North & Taiping South junctions). Turn right after the toll gate. Drive to Terong. In Terong town turn right at the traffic lights(signposted to Lumut). Follow this road & shortly, turn left at the sign to Lumut. Drive straight through, following this road, through Pantai Remis. Road is signposted to Lumut all the way. Park your car at the multi level car park. Aprox. 2.5 hours from the Penang Bridge. 

Approximate drive times: 
Singapore-KL 3.5 hrs
KL-Penang 3.5 hrs
KL-Lumut 3.5 hours
KLIA- Lumut 4 hours
Lumut- Penang 2.5 hours
Ipoh- Lumut 1.5hours

Ferry from/to Lumut
6.30am Lumut to Pangkor every 45 mins
7.00am Pangkor to Lumut every 45 mins

  • RM 10 for return ticket

  • Last ferry depart at 8.30 PM

Buses going to Lumut 
Penang(Butterworth)- Lumut (Sri Maju) 
Address : Kaunter 12, Terminal Bas Ekspres Butterworth, 12000
Telephone : 04-3313400
Time table: 9.00 AM, 11.00 AM, 
12.45 PM, 2.00 PM, 
3.30 PM, 
6.15 PM, 8.15 PM (Sunday Only) 
5.45 PM (Friday & Sunday Only) 

Kuala Lumpur- Lumut
Transnational, Plusliner, Sri Maju And Konsortium
From Puduraya or Bukit Jalil to Lumut. 
Duration: 4.5 hours

Grassland & Sri Maju
From Golden Mile to Lumut
Duration: 9.0 hours

Car Park 
Car parking facilities in Lumut. 
-MDM multi storey car park, opposite jetty
-Chinese temple, opposite main bus terminal
-Open car park, beside Pangkor Laut Resort office. 
-Primary school, opposite MDM multi storey car park
* RM 10 per day

Tiger Rock's location co-ordinates are 

N 04'12.203' 
E 100' 40.574' 
Elev - 8 metre

Internal flights are efficient. Johore, K.L., Ipoh, Penang & Pangkor Island are all connected to Kuala Lumpur. 
Singapore now has direct flights to Ipoh with Firefly. 
Charter planes & helicopters are available on request. Please ensure you have full travel insurance before you travel. 

What is our cancellation policy 
Our cancellation policy at Tiger Rock is very simple. 
No-show - 100% Charged
Within 7 days - 100% Charged
Within 14 days - Total of 1 night's rental for each person is charged

Cancellations have to be made on the corresponding email ID: chinatigerrocks@gmail.com only Otherwise no cancellation will be entertained. 

We do not accept Cancellations over the phone. 

Any no show will be treated as a late cancellation and will incur the full rental amount as specified in the confirmation letter. 

Failure to arrive at Tiger Rock will be treated as a No-Show and will incur the full rental amount as specified in the confirmation letter. 

What happens if we want to leave before our booked departure date? 
Early departures will result in a penalty of the total of one night's rental for each person. 

What is our Check in- Check Out policy? 
Our Standard check-in time is 1400hours and check-out time is 1200noon. However, should there be an early arrival or a late departure, the request will be arranged subject to availability. 
- Early check-in is by request only and not guaranteed. 
- Late check-out must be coordinated with Tiger Rock if it is available. 

However, if you expect to arrive early in the day and would like immediate access to your room, we recommend renting the room for the prior night to guarantee immediate access. Similarly, for late departures, reserving an additional night will guarantee access to your guest room until you depart. 
If you choose not to reserve, we will be glad to store your bags and to make our facilities available for you to freshen up. 

What is our child policy? 
We love having children at Tiger Rock, & they love being at Tiger Rock! Children 3 years & below (max. 1 child) can be accommodated in the same room as parents at no extra cost. As we charge a per person rate, we offer you plenty of room to spread the family. e.g.. A family of 5 with automatically be placed in 2 rooms side by side. 

What about pets? 
Sorry! We have a no pet policy! 

What is the food like at Tiger Rock? 
Bavanni is our wonderful chef. We use only market fresh ingredients & buy on a daily basis in order to support our local island community. The daily menus are based on local flavours but Bavanni can also produce wonderful western style food on request. Of course, we have great fresh seafood on Pangkor but there is always a range of dishes at every meal. Children are catered to of course & their 'likes' & dislikes' are always taken into account. Please let us know of any food allergies or special diets eg. vegetarian, gluten free etc & we will cater to these needs. Mohan will discuss your preferences on your arrival & base the menu he serves you on this. 

All meals are served at the Pool House but special requests can be made. Coffee, tea & ice lemon teas & fresh limes are included in the rate. Canned drinks, beer etc is based on an honesty system & guests can help themselves from the fridge, Mohan will then invoice you for these at the end of your stay. 

What other activities are available outside Tiger Rock 
We use all local operators for these activities & Mohan chooses the reliable operators only for you. Mohan can make arrangements but you pay them directly. We take no responsibility for the quality of service, damage to belongings or self etc. that is caused by these operators. *Approximate prices only & are subject to change by the operators. 

Boat ride- Picnic trip to the Sembilan Islands for snorkeling & fishing
RM700.00 (whole day) 

Boat hire- Day or night fishing off Pulau Dua, Tukun Perak & Pangkor Laut Resort
RM80.00 per-hour. (12 seater boat) 

Boat hire-Day or night fishing off Pulau Dua, Tukun Perak & Pangkor Laut Resort
RM700.00 for 6 hours (fishing boat) 

Boat hire-Snorkeling at Pulau Tikus, Pulau Mentagor and Pulau Giam. 
RM285.00 (half day) 

How does Tiger Rock handle medical emergencies? 
Before embarking on your journey, please ensure you have taken out full medical insurance.
There are many doctors & clinics on the island & the nearest clinic is about 8 minutes drive away. There is also an island hospital but it has very few facilities. Tiger Rock has taken steps to get emergency patients to the main Manjung Hospital(which is of a very high standard) just across on the mainland as soon as possible. Obviously, we hope that we do not have to implement our medical emergency plan. An emergency patient would be driven down to the beach at the entrance of Tiger Rock & transferred across the water by speedboat. An ambulance or taxi will be waiting & the patient transferred to Manjung hospital immediately. There is an estimated time of 45 minutes. 

We have never had to implement this system at Tiger Rock but Mohan does do the practice mock emergency at regular intervals. Please also note that I had my 3rd child in Setiawan & David took me across on a speedboat when contractions started. I checked into a local maternity clinic, my doctors were locals graduated out of Wales & England. They were brilliant. Manjung Hopital also looked after Tessa when she was just under 2 years. The local Pangkor doctor got me to take her immediately after he diagnosed a lung infection aggravated by the flu. Manjung Hospital were fantastic & the doctors & carers- I cannot praise them enough! It is a very efficient system. 

Malaysia is full of clinics & hospitals. The government hospitals are of an extremely high standard & our many private hospitals offer specialist treatments in luxury. 

What are the general health issues in Malaysia? 
There are no major diseases in Malaysia. Travellers should be mindful that there are occasional outbreaks of dengue fever � a virus transmitted by a mosquito that bites during the daytime, & prefers populated areas. Dengue fever is generally not fatal but can interfere with travel plans. An insect repellent containing DEET is recommended. 

Although malaria used to be a problem, it is not prevalent now. Anti-malaria medications are advised if visiting Sabah & Sarawak, or remote swampy areas of Peninsular Malaysia. 

Risk of waterborne illness is low but it is always prudent to travel with an over-the-counter anti-diarrhea medication. 

What immunizations should I get? 
Hepatitis A � is recommended over Hepatitis B Vaccine, Hepatitis A being the food & water borne illness that knocks you out badly. 

Tetanus/ diphtheria (Td) � A booster every 10 years regardless of travel. 

Influenza & Pneumonia vaccines � recommended for age 65 or older, & for anyone with chronic respiratory or cardiac problems or diabetes. 

We do strongly recommend that you consult your physician regarding medication & immunizations. 

What about the jungle & snakes? What happens if I get bitten? 
First of all you have to remember that animals & snakes are more afraid of you than you of them. They get out of the way when they hear you coming. Manjung Hospital carried anti-venom for all the local snakes- namely Wagners Pit Viper( a common but very docile & very beautiful snake in Pangkor's jungle. This is the snake often found in Snake Temples). They also carry cobra anti-venom- a not so common resident! If you do have a phobia about snakes & we know so many people do, Mohan will go around removing any that are found! 

Insects & Other Animals 
Malaysia is lucky to be so rich in flora & fauna. Large animals do not pose a problem at Tiger Rock but mosquitoes may. They are part of the tropics & can be irritating but at Tiger Rock we do take preventive steps although the mosquito population can fluctuate with the weather & season. We do have mosquito repellent available at Tiger Rock. At Tiger Rock we spray the rooms every evening & ask clients to keep their windows & doors shut in the morning & at dusk. Mosquito coils are used all over the property in the outdoor areas. Mosquitoes are a problem in the early mornings & late afternoon to dusk.They are attracted to dark colours so remember to pack like the colonials- wear only light colours & a light pair of pants, or the sarong provided in the evenings! There is no malaria on Pangkor & it is extremely rare in Malaysia now, occurring generally only amongst the indigenous population who still live in the depths of the jungle. Dengue, however, is a problem in Malaysia. 

At Tiger Rock you will be exposed to insects, butterflies, beetles, moths, many birds & small animals, like monkeys, lizards, squirrels, birds, wild boar, flying lemurs & of course our little Wagners vipers. We are in the jungle & they are all to be enjoyed. 

What about the water? 
At Tiger Rock we provide bottled water in the rooms & in the public areas, all our water is boiled & filtered. We have our own water source & so it is this water that comes through the taps. In all the years of living & visiting Tiger Rock we have never had a problem with this lovely stream water & we use it to brush teeth no problem. If you feel you do not want to brush your teeth with this we will happily give you more bottled water. Please always keep hydrated in the tropics! 

The tap water in Malaysia is fully treated & chlorinated. Generally, the standard of hygiene in Malaysia is extremely good. Bottled water is readily available everywhere. Always keep hydrated. 

Whats the weather like? 
It is almost always hot & humid during the day. Rain can be just a drizzle or absolutely bucket down with thunder & lightning. It dries up fast & you can generally get on with your day. Evenings can be cool enough for a long sleeve shirt or light shawl. At Tiger Rock, rain seems to happen generally at night! With the odd Sumatra tearing up the jungle. 

What do I Bring with me? 
Malaysia is tropical & relaxed. At Tiger Rock you will spend your time relaxing! Clothes in white, beige or khaki are good. Cotton, natural fibres is the way to go. You will sweat, so rule number 1 is to KEEP COOL! You must wear sunblock when in the sun. 

Laundry is done for you at Tiger Rock so you can limit the number of clothes you bring. 

For day : Cotton shirts, T-shirt, shorts, swimwear, pareos, hat, sunblock, camera, small binoculars, sneakers or sandals. A long sleev shirt is good for visits to temples & mosques. 
For evening : Light pants, light shawl, sarong, light long sleeved shirt. 
Colours to wear : White, beige, khaki, pastels. 

Bring your personal & children's medication, glasses. 

We have a good library so you can choose a book for your stay with us here. 

What not to bring 
Do not swamp yourself with things like sunblock, insect repellent, shampoos, nappies etc. All of this kind of stuff is readily available In Pangkor town & easily purchased for you if necessary. 

In terms of first aid, if you must bring something, a couple of plasters & asperin, some tummy pills are a good idea for emergencies. Childrens fever syrup (Calpol) is readily available. 

Yes. Mohan has a couple of traditional masseurs from the island- a husband & wife team who are very much masseurs who try to sort out problems. You must tell Mohan what kind of massage you want. They tend otherwise, to give you the quite radical detox massage which can result in a headache afterwards- so make sure you drink lots of water. 

You can also use our reflexology path, below the library pavilion, anytime & Mohan also has a Henna Painting artist available on request. 

Wi-Fi & Communication
WIFI is available at the Pool House. 

Pangkor Island has a population that practices all the religions. Our staff are all Hindu. All of us at Tiger Rock are aware of the needs of all the religions & will adjust menus etc based on this. 

Malaysia is an Islamic country. The official religion is Islam. Other religions are freely practiced, the main being Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism & Sikhism. 

Alcohol & consumption of pork is not restricted, although the majority of restaurants within malls & hotels are Halal, i.e. no pork is served. Tiger Rock is not 'Halal' but of course we provide Pork free meals & Bavanni keeps separate pots & pans for cooking non- pork meals. 

We are very lucky in Malaysia to be truly multicultural & to be able to be free as individuals. It is liberal, relaxed, modern & fashionable. A reasonable amount of common & good sense goes a long way in any unfamiliar culture, & it is worth noting that most Asian religions prefer a modest sense of dress. 

Pangkor Town is very much targeted at the local holiday maker so shopping is cheap & cheerful. Lots of colourful beachwear, ethnic easy clothes, pareos, etc. are available for very little money. Pangkor is famous for it's 'ikan bilis'- the little sundried anchovy type fish which bavanni cooks up into a lovely cocktail snack. Lots of people want to tak these home. Mohan will take you to the factories & jetties & here they sell the ikan bilis in packs already fired up in a delicious sweet sambal. Mohan will happily transfer you in & out of town for shopping excursions. 

Spread over 330,000 sq. km. Comprising West (Peninsular) Malaysia & East Malaysia (located along the northern 1/3 of the Island or Borneo.) 

States in the Peninsular are Perlis, Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, & the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. In East Malaysia we have the states of Sabah & Sarawak, & the Federal Territory of Labuan. Total 13 states plus 2 Federal Territories. 

The 2 portions of the country are divided by 540 km of the South China Sea. Thailand borders us to the North, & Singapore Island at our Southern tip. To the West & South are the islands of the Indonesian archipelago. The Straits of Malacca runs along the west coast dividing us are from the south of Sumatra. 

Population - Approx 27 million. 
Approximate breakdown - 60% Malay & Indigenous races
30% Chinese
10% Indian & others. 

The Government 
Malaysia is a parliamentary democracy & a constitutional monarchy. The government is headed by the Prime Minister & his full Cabinet. 9 states have a Sultan as Head of State, 4 have Governors. The Sultans rotate as King, each with a 5 year term. A Mayor administers each of the 2 Federal Territories. The Federal Government wields the power, except for issues involving land, culture & religion, which are all decided at State level. 

Commonwealth Countries - no visa required except for Bangladesh, India, Pakistan & Sri Langka. 
Citizens of Israel, Serbia & Montenegro cannot enter without permission from the Malaysia Government. 
Indonesia, Philippines & Thailand - require visa unless they are on a Social & Business Visit for less than 1 month. 
Most other countries - no visa required for a Social & Business Visit unless duration exceeds either 1 or 3 months. Check country requirements at the nearest immigration or diplomatic mission office. 

Upon arrival - Disembarkation forms must be filled. 

Your passport must be valid for 6 months. 

Sabah & Sarawak are treated like separate sovereign states - you need your passport when traveling between them & the Peninsular. 

Drugs & Firearms 
Both drugs & firearms are illegal in Malaysia. The procession of either [Firearms without a license & drugs in an amount that deems you a trafficer] is punishable by death under Malaysian law. Please note that Tiger Rock will not tolerate the use of any kind of illegal substance on its premises & we will take action if necessary. 

Currency, Traveller's Cheques & Credit Cards 
The local currency is called ringgit and sen. There are 100 sen in one ringgit. Tiger Rock does not accept credit cards I'm afraid. Traveller's cheques can be changed at banks in Pangkor village. They will also change currency & ATM's are available. 

When traveling off the beaten track it is best to have some ringgit with you. You can use credit cards at ATM machines or at banks which generally give better exchange rates than hotels. 

Power supply 

The power supply is reliable & is supplied at 220 to 240 volts & plugs are 3 pin. Those with electrical appliances are advised to bring electrical adapters. 

The official language is Bahasa Malaysia. English, however, is very widely spoken, understood & in general use everywhere. Other languages spoken widely are Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien & Tamil. 

Basic Phrases

Good morning, afternoon, night - Selamat pagi, petang, malam
How are you? - Apa khabar? 
Thank you - Terima kasih
How much is this? - Berapa harga? 
Welcome - Selamat Datang
Come In - Sila masuk
Sit down - Sila duduk
Bye - Selamat Tinggal
Farewell - Selamat Jalan