Island Activities

You can do lots of things around the island of Pangkor. 

Mohan is happy to drop you off at any one of the beaches for the morning. Kids love collecting the pretty little shells & bits of coral. A collection of shells with holes can be strung into great holiday necklaces. 

You can also go hiking. Short and long hikes are marked. A short easy hike to a lovely beach, Teluk Secadas is nearby. You can walk out of Tiger Rock, turn right at the fort and then make your way behind the kampung houses to a jungle path over the hill to the beach. In the mornings you can also hike with the locals as they do their daily exercise around the hills by the airport. This is a good heartpumping morning hike before breakfast! Specialised guides can be hired in for a tougher jungle experience which is not for the lighthearted or unfit. 

Retail Therapy for those in need is aplenty on the island. Things to buy are colorful beach wraps and holiday gear, incense coils from the temple shop, dried ikan bilis and island fish crisps, and stuff from the kitchen ware shop. Make arrangements with Mohan to get dropped into town. 

For those who are into water sports, jetskis can be rented at the various beaches, waterskiing equipment is available as well as kayaks. Mohan can arrange rental of this equipment on request. You pay the operators directly.

Mountain bikes and motorcycles can be rented on the island. There is a road right around the island which is in parts very hilly cutting through fabulous jungle. It is fun to stop off at the beaches. Pangkor landscape is pretty dramatic with jungle rolling right into the sea and great granite boulders.