Library Pavilion

The Library Pavilion is set on the slope just below the Main House. Here, our collection of all sorts of books are available for you to read and browse through while you are with us. Its big open doors provide views of the surrounding trees & its great for bird watching in the ficus tree when its in fruit.

 Open all the doors take in the jungle, relax in the afternoons, or ask to enjoy your cocktails here before dinner. Family gatherings always use this space for playing board games, listening to music and dancing in the evenings. It is also our central television space and we have Astro, with all the news, sports & movie channels.

The pavilion also becomes a central massage 'station' when several members of the family want to organize a group massage session. It is also a great space to keep your yoga practice going while you stay with us.   

The reflexology path is located at the entrance steps up to the library pavilion and is a great workout! You will feel 'lighter' and its good for you! Drink water while you walk the path so that toxins can be eliminated better from your body. 


Pool House

The Pool House is definitely the heart of Tiger Rock. Based on a plantation clubhouse that Rebecca & David were married in, this 'no wall' pavilion is what tropical Malaysia is all about.  

We converted our original chlorine pool to salt water. This is a real bonus for the environment, for our staff who have to work with the pool each day & for you, our guests. The saltwater is gentle on the eyes & your skin feels super soft after your swim. 

It is here at the Pool House, that you are welcomed on arrival to Tiger Rock. It is also the central dining area where all the meals of the day are served. 

The Pool House also provides views of the hornbills in the distance and guests can hear the calls of the Great hornbills, see them fly over, and listen to the Greater Argus Pheasant. You will see the local group of wild boar snuffling about here. 

Mohan serves you fresh limes here and nibbles for tea and it is here that he will work out your schedules to go on the island tour. The pool side is transformed at night when, on your last night with us, the tables are taken outside and dinner is served under the trees and stars. 

WIFI is available for everyone's use here at the Pool House. It can be temperamental at times but the island is currently upgrading its cables to allow better internet speed.