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September 29th 2011. Tiger Rock won 4 awards from Expat Lifestyle Magazine Best of Malaysia Awards. Check them all out on the link below:

The Edge- Options. August 2010 
Creative Evolution by Anandhi Gopinath & Elaine Lau
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The Weekend Australian, May 25, 2002. 
Written by Mark Chipperfield

'Retreat to the best of Malaysia, jungle style' 

'Ultimate family holiday:Tiger Rock' 

'The result is more like a traditional Malaysian kampung (village) than a holiday resort, where guests have the run of their own little fiefdom while still enjoying the impeccable service provided by Mohan & his family' 

'Surrounded by 146 ha of forest reserve, ones closest neighbours are flying lemurs, squirrels, bats, great hornbills, white bellied eagles & legions of monkeys' 

' would be insane for the guest to boycott the meals provided by Mohan & his wife, Bavanni. Drawing on the island's mixed Malay, Chinese and Indian heritage, the pair produce a range of mouth-watering meals, served poolside with a good choice of Australian and French wines' 

Resource, The Magazine for Malaysian Petroleum Club Members (Malaysia) Vol 9 No.3 
Written by Michelle Woo

'...deligthfully beyond one's expectations' 

'The soft comforts of the bed, linens, towels, and camphor soap - along with "a batik sarong for your stay" - leave every house guest wholly satisfied.' 

'...the villas do literally mound themselves according to nature's forms, and the architecture is reverently constructed according to the undulations of the land." 

'The beauty of Tiger Rock is that there is no pretentious five-star 'hospitality' or even a six star resort's artificial luxury. It is welcoming, comforting, and cosy for indolent guests, and for the sporty ones, there is ample space to walk, run & swim.' 

'(The big-resort guys have a lot to learn in terms of what 'hospitality' and 'service' truly mean.) At Tiger Rock, it is all about caring with genuine air of friendliness, and personal attention.' 

'Bavanni's splendid home-cooking, served in Rebecca's pleasant tableware, complemented by exquisite table settings, complete the sensation of pure satiation.' 

'Because it is first and foremost a 'home' infused with love and a sense of fun, paradise has materialised.' 

The Expat, July 2001 
Written by Marybeth Ramey

'And the very essence of the surroundings offer an illuminating tug of the soul.' 

'...backed by a Forest Reserve and populated with countless huge boulders, the Wilkinson's private retreat is exotic, humble and totally pleasing to the senses.'